Shanghai Thrift Packaging Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer ofrecyclable Aluminum Bottles, Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Aerosol Cans and otherAluminum Packaging for food & beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, householdand industrial market.

Our bottles are made of virgin aluminum which is 100% recyclable,making it eco-friendly. The one-piece aluminum construction and customizedshape of our bottles and canisters, offer a feeling of originality andexclusivity. The containers are virtually unbreakable and for all-

purpose use,available in capacity ranging from 10 to 1,500ml, even larger if required.

The epoxy resin inner coating makes them corrosion-resistant andnon-toxic, and have already passed LFGB, SGS and FDA test.  

We have advanced technology, high precision equipment (Mall+ Herlan, andHinterkopf), efficient quality control and know how to provide best service tocustomers in aluminum packaging world.

Warmly welcome your inquiry.